Sometimes you may face this error in vCenter environment “”The operation is not allowed in the current connection state of the host (xxxx)”, I have encountered this error with powering on VMs, and with creating templates, to easily and quickly fix the error, restart the “VMware vCenter Server” service using the web client, then if the issue remains, restart the management agents on the ESXi host which has the provlem, here are the steps along with a recorded video (the video is in Arabic but the steps are clear to anyone).

Restarting vCenter service:

  1. login to your vCenter server via the web client.
  2. navigate to home >> administration >> System Configuration.
  3. from the left pane, select “Nodes”.
  4. now your vCenter server should appear on the left pane, click on it.
  5. on the middle part of the screen, click on “Related Objects” tab.
  6. find “VMware vCenter Server” service, right-click on it, then click on “Restart”.

if the issue remains, restart the management agents on your ESXi host.

  1. go to the direct console of your ESXi server and log in.
  2. go to “Troubleshooting options”.
  3. choose “Restart Management Agents” and press enter.
  4. confirm restarting the service by pressing F11.

Try again the action that triggers the error, it should work fine with you now.